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Can I be present during the Pre-Purchase inspection?

We are happy for you to attend the inspection and answer any questions you may have. Please be sure to obtain the vendor or agents permission prior to attending.

Are you affiliated with anyone that may result in a biased assessment?

No, we are totally independent. We are not affiliated with any real estate agency or builder and are bound by the code of conduct for experts giving evidence in the State administrative Tribunal and the District Court. A complete unbiased expert assessment is provided to the client, which is why we have been requested to conduct inspections by the Building Commission of Western Australia, industry members and consumers alike.

Why do I need an inspection on a newly constructed home?

Although a majority of builders are reputable and try to do the right thing. However supervisors or subcontractors sometimes make mistakes because they are not familiar with all the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and the relevant Australian Standards. Sometimes there can be inadequate attention to detail because of the high ratio of jobs to complete.

A new home may be completed to a high standard of finish aesthetically, however the most important aspect of building a home is the hidden structure and details such as flashings, damp proof courses, waterproofing, roof framing & tie-downs and structural detail compliance.

Think of it as taking out an insurance policy to ensure that the largest financial purchase you are likely to commit to is completed in a proper and proficient manner.

What should I consider when deciding which building consultant to hire?

Important information to be considered should include:

  • Are they a registered Builder with the Building Commission of Western Australia? Only registered builders are licenced to build homes.
  • Do they have the appropriate technical knowledge? They should be very conversant with the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards. 
  • Do they have practical building experience? Building surveyors, architects and engineers will generally be conversant with technical matters but may lack practical hands on building experience. No amount of theory can substitute practical building experience.
  • What type of reporting format do they provide? A low cost basic report may seem attractive at first, but it will not be suitable to submit as expert evidence to the Building Commission of WA, State Administrative Tribunal or District court.
  • What is the scope of the inspection, is the roof space thoroughly inspected, how long are they on site? There is no substitute for a comprehensive detailed inspection.
  • Be sure that the company promoting the owners experience is not sending an employee or franchise owner who is not suitably qualified.
  •  Are they totally independent. Do they provide kickbacks to agents in return for referrals?
  • Are they prepared to attend a hearing as an expert witness if required?
  •  Are their services backed by Professional Indemnity insurance?
  • Price shopping for a building inspector without considering the above recommendations can be a costly mistake. There is no benefit in saving a few hundred dollars on a basic assessment from a inexperienced inspector, only to find that it has cost you thousands of dollars at a later date from not obtaining a professional detailed assessment in the first place.

I am in dispute with my building service provider regarding the standard of workmanship completed, what can I do?

We can assist you by providing an independent expert assessment on whether the alleged items of complaint are considered faulty or unsatisfactory. Should the building service provider dispute the findings of the assessment, the expert witness report can be submitted as expert evidence to the Building Commission of WA and the State Administrative Tribunal for further adjudication.

If required we can assist you by giving evidence in mediation or Tribunal hearings as an expert witness.

Please refer to the Building Commission's website at for further information on lodging a complaint against a building service provider.